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Mara, Bryce, & Pros so Nice.

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What an opportunity this wedding was. First, let me say how wonderful Mara & Bryce were/are. Not only were they super easy to work with, but they were very complimentary. This split level wedding was actually turned down by other DJ's due to their lack of willingness to corral guests more than once. It was a joy to be chosen to deliver these desires. From the Ceremony down stairs, Cocktail up, Dinner down, and Dancing back up, we handled it like champs. And what a beautiful building and kind staff. I cannot say enough how nice it is to work with professional and relaxed people. Cellar 222, thank you!

Now, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the kind heart and talented eye of Kelsey Kimberlin. It's not often I get to eat with other vendors, but what great conversation. Kelsey not only sent me some fantastic photos, but she even offered some professional ideas in some ways I was not as familiar. What a joy it is to work with people like Kelsey. Please visit her at and tell her I sent ya. Here are a few of her pics...

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