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Alex, Meghan & Ferris Bueller on Skates!

OR: spotify:user:djbangarang:playlist:53xWOxiEN3JWZeGnhrY9n5

I cannot say enough about this couple and the amazing experience I had working with them. From our very first meeting to the last minute, they were fun and friendly. When we started talking about the Skating Rink over coffee, and they insisted I wear my skates, I knew we were in for a wild ride. Of course that didn't stop me from confirming several more times that they truly wanted it... and they did! Oh, and somehow I got rangled into my Farris Bueller vest. Naturally I waited until after the Ceremony and up to mid-dinner before my transformation, but boy did the crowd love it. I just had so much fun. What a blessing you were Meghan & Alex. Thank you for choosing RTB!

Without further ado, here are [more than] a few AMAZING pics, courtesy of Zayne Williams Photography (visit them at and please mention us if you do).

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