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Raise the Barr Weddings

Hello and welcome to our wedding page.  Here's all you need to know about how we do weddings:
When you choose your DJ, make sure you're considering more than just the dance portion.  Remember that this person will handle all the transitions and introductions as well.  Many DJ's throw a great dance party.  Some are even decent entertainers on the mic.  There are only a few, however, that understand all the ins and outs of a full wedding day.  It's only by experience that we know how unique each bride is and how special their specific vision is from all the rest.  We take careful care planning a detailed schedule with you from the very beginning.  From specific songs to a specific way of announcing each moment, we understand it's all important.  When you hire Raise the Barr Entertainment you will feel like you're in good hands from the start.  We will take care of your awesome dance party with top notch equipment, but we will also take care of your wonderful guests with top notch hosting. 
Peace of mind is paramount.  Trust a DJ who is also a professional host on this very special day.  It's YOUR moment.  Let's get it right.

(An example of what we do when we plan together)
Event Type:  Wedding (Cermony & Reception)
Name:  Jane and John Doe
Date:  Best Day of Ever
Location:  Ceremony: Planet Krypton/ Reception: Clark Kent Barn
Head Count:  150
Notes:  Need 100' extension cord, mic's for quartet
Arrival Time/Seating:  30 min. Set List (Chill instrumental)
Pre-Processional:  Grandma's & Mom's song
Pre-Processional:  Wedding Party song
Processional:  (Here Comes The Bride) song
Candle/Sand Ceremony:  Personal slow song/Guitar & Singer
Recessional:  (Signed, Sealed, Delivered) "I now pronounce you..." fun announcement song
Cocktail (Picture) Hour:  Set List (slow-medium pace mix)
Entrance:  Wedding Party song
Entrance:  Bride & Groom song
Dinner:  Set List (same as Cocktail)
Cake:  (Hit Me With Your Best Shot)
Toasts:  Best Man, Maid of Honor, Dad, Uncle Buck, Michael Scott
First Dance:  (God Gave Me You)
Father-Daughter:  (My Little Girl)
Mother-Son:  (Dear Mama)
Anniversary Dance:  Set List (Sinatra, Buble, Nat, KC & JoJo)
Dollar Dance:  (Bryan Adams, Boys II Men, R. Kelly, Josh Turner)
Bouquet:  (Girls Just Wanna Have Fun)
Garter:  (Another One Bites the Dust)
Dance Party: Notes: No Macarena!, Country good, etc.
1. Line Dances: Thriller, Cupid Shuffle, Wobble, Wiggle
2. Must play Journey!
3. Boyz II Men slow dance
4. "We Love Country"
5. "Must Play ACDC for Dad"
6. Love Ke$ha!
7. Sweet Home Alabama
8. NO Chicken Dance
9. Love Drake!
10. Motown, Classic Rock, Top 40, 80's so so, 90's MUST!
Last Song:  Closing Time
This is just an example of the detailed approach we take for your special day. There are more ways we help, so give us a call!

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