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Frequently Asked Questions...

Into the Mystic - Van Morrison

1) I've Seen Some Bad DJs and Good Ones. What Sets You Apart From the Others?

Great question!  The short answer is, we are primarily Wedding DJs, not Club DJs.  We are extremely personal in our approach to our clients.  We take time to plan the time line the way you want it, invite your feedback, and execute the evening the way we believe represents you best...not us.  We don't miss announcements or lack the positivity and professionalism necessary.  See Chrome package question #3 for more.

2) Do You Take Requests?

Of course!  If you want.  Some DJ's have a maximum request limit.  We let you give as much input as you want for the Cocktail, Dinner, and Dancing mix's.  We even make a DO's and DON'Ts list and respectfully decline requests that go against your wishes.  We've even had a few brides send us a list of 2-300 songs.  We'll go through them and place them where they belong.

3) What Do I Get With the Chrome Package?

So the schedule ran a little late and your guests are excited to dance!  Nobody likes to be charged extra when time has run out.  We are pleased to offer more than the bare bones for our beginning package.  Instead of starting with a risky 4 hours like others,  we offer a worry free 6 hours of service!  Dance lights, spot lights, and a little grace are included as well.

4) Are You Insured?

Yes!  And we can provide documentation for any Venue that requires it.

5) How Many Speakers Do I Need and How Powerful are Yours?

Our speakers are 1000 watts each and should be plenty for 200 guests.  However, when getting upward of 300, we recommend adding a set.  This is totally up to you of course.

6) How Do You Dress?

Professionalism is extremely important to us.  Unfortunately some DJs will show up in something under-dressed.  We always aim to match the groomsmen or wear a standard black outfit.

7) I've Seen Some Archaic Karaoke Set-Ups. What's Yours' Like?

Big CD changers?  Missing new songs or the one you want?  We got you!  Through much research, we landed on a digital system called kJams.  We set up 2 flat screens (one for the crowd, one for the singer(s)), and with wifi we can download anything on the spot!  We use 2-3 databases.  If it's out there, we'll get it!  We also have top of the line wireless SHURE mic's. 

8) I've Seen Some Photo Booth's That Aren't Great. What's Yours' Like?

We understand this too.  Everyone is building a booth.  They're all different and some are just so-so.  You already have a Photographer.  What's the point of getting a Booth if it's not easy, fun, and great quality?  The touch screen is easy, the count down is big, the resolution is high, and the printing is fast!  It even cuts doubles before it prints!  Oh, and did we mention the antique doors?  Visit the Photo Booth page for pics.

9) What Comes With The Ceremony?

This is a great offer!  This comes with a second set of speakers, precision song fading for crucial moments, a lapel for Officiant, an extra mic for the Bride & Groom, and an extra mic for special readings.  Optional add-ons include a separate location if need be and specialty live instrument mic's if you hire a small quartet.  If we don't need to set up a 2nd system, we'll knock off $100!

10) Is James the Only DJ and What Happens if You Get Sick?

This is an extremely valid concern.  Yes.  After 5 seasons in KC, James is still the Owner and only DJ with RTB.  He believes in the brand of Hosting he provides so much that it's simply difficult for him to not do it himself.  Being professional, detailed, and creating the right crowd-reading dance party is a difficult set of skills to find in one person.  James has also NEVER missed a job.  However, in the event we are already booked, or cannot make it, we hold great relationships with several DJs in town and would consider it a personal failure to not find a great DJ for our clients!  One positive to being the only DJ with RTB to keep in mind is, when you read our great reviews, you know you will be getting the same quality experience, because you'll be getting the same DJ.  Often companies will send a different DJ than the one promised without explanation or warning.  This happened to my wife and I, and her best friend.  Please feel free to ask us more about this if you like.

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