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James Barr

disc jockey ~ host ~ coordinator

About The Business

Raise the Barr Entertainment is primarily a Disc Jockey and Hosting business.  Simply Serendipity is our Coordinating arm.  Both sides of our company work hand in hand. No one knows how to plan an elegant evening quite like a true Wedding DJ.  It may sound odd, but everything revolves around music and announcements.  Once the guests first arrive they need to know where to go, where to sit, and what there is to do (guest book, assigned seating, photobooth, child table, snack table, open bar, the list goes on).  Since the DJ makes those announcements, it's only natural to plan when and what type of moments you're creating.  And we've seen many amazing ideas we needed to introduce in various fun ways.  So why not tell you some of them and help you create some magic!  Together we plan the music and the mood.  We gladly assume the role of Host during your event as well, at no extra cost.  I had two buddies MC my own wedding. (James, Owner). So no offense taken if you just need us for music and timeline.  We'll provide whatever type of DJ you desire, mood wise and involvement level.  Every couple is unique, and we relish the opportunity to make your wedding feel like you!  That means we expect different needs for each client.  We don't have a set of rules that limit your input in your magical day! 

"I'm just the host of your show."
(James Barr, Owner)

Several years ago adding a day-of-coordinator option just made sense.  After working with many coordinators who didn't understand how a party flows, didn't listen to their clients, or became nasty when bossing around other professionals, we decided to expand.  We know how run a wedding while letting all professionals be their own professionals.  After all, you hired them for their expertise in their field.  Why would we tell them how to do their job?  And what's the point of planning a relaxing morning if you're stressed when the moments matter most because your coordinator is exuding their own!?!  Now we not only help with your Reception details, we'll make sure the entire day runs smoothly and is filled with all the lovely moments you desire!  If you read our reviews, our clients always feel our positivity and excitement for you!  And other vendors will also be at their best with a coordinator like this. 

"Enthusiasm is Contagious!"
(James Barr, Owner)

When adding day-of coordinating to a DJ service there are fantastic benefits available. (see Coordinating page if interested).


Hi!  My name is James Barr and I'm the Owner of Raise the Barr Entertainment + Simply Serendipity.  Let me tell you a little about me and how I work.  First, I'm a family man.  I've been married for 11 years to my beautiful bride and we've been blessed with two gorgeous little rascals.  It has been one of the greatest privileges to be able to provide for them through a career that allows me to spend more time at home. Thank you, Kansas City!
Growing up I went to the skating rink 3 times a week, played soccer, rollerbladed, and went through a "Beatles Maniac" stage.  So from a young age I developed a wide pallet for great music of all genres!  In college I became known for throwing the Annual Decades Dance... among other events.  I soon began getting asked to do friends' weddings.  After college I was hired by a big company to "fix" how they did corporate and community events.  After seeing my initial success, I was transferred to several locations around the country to do the same.  Local staff praised my work as "100% transformed for the better."  I came to discover my strength was is in Hospitality, and you can see a seamless thread through those stages in my life.  This is why I believe I can see an entire event in my mind from start to finish, and somehow figure out how to execute it.  How does this apply to a DJ? 

"Most people say they either naturally see the forest or the trees.
What if you can see both?"

(James Barr, Owner)

It's my personal mission to help create lasting memories.  I'm not just a DJ or MC, but a Host.  There are many talented party throwers, but as a Wedding DJ, it's crucial to give you peace of mind that your event will be in good hands.  I don't just throw a dance party, I'm entrusted with the flow of your entire event.  I take this very seriously!  Coincidentally, this is why I also do coordinating.  Smooth transitions, a warm, professional personality, and just the right amount of wit helps everything flow nicely and leaves people with a smile.  Of course it makes a difference to have quality equipment and a great crowd reading DJ, which we also highly value providing! (see system page). 

I'd love the chance to meet you face to face and discuss your big day.  It's my desire to represent you well as I entertain your guests and create the right atmosphere for you.  Call to set up a free consultation and let me buy you a cup of coffee.
If you have time, please read the reviews on The Knot and Wedding Wire to see what others have said.  I look forward to meeting you. 
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