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Hello!  Looking to spice up the party?  We got you!  We're excited to offer several options for a quality Photo Booth experience.  You can get a custom blackboard backdrop, a rustic set of antique doors, a brick wall sheet, or we'll pick up a special design just for you to fit your theme!  As you can see from the pics below, we have great props as well.  ALL INCLUDED!  This state of the art booth features an 18 mpxl DSLR camera, a DNP RX1 speedy printer (cuts doubles before printing in under 20 seconds!), and of course a nice screen to see your silly faces before it snaps. 
Consider adding a memory book for your guests to post their doubles and sign a personal message for you to remember for years to come (gel pens, glue sticks, double-sided tape, and signs all provided by us!)
Check out the Prices page for more details.
photobooth print
photobooth print
Brick Wall sheet
No Extra Charge!
Antique Doors
Blackboard Backdrop
No Extra Charge!
Brick sheet backdrop
antique doors backdrop
Blackboard backdrop
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