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Other Services & A La Cart


PHOTO BOOTH :  $595 - $695

This cool black wooden casing with neat blue LED fan has a large tablet (for seeing yourself with that easy to follow countdown), a high quality digital camera, and a super fast printer that cuts the doubles before printing!  And all in under 20 seconds!


-Unlimited double prints (for up to 300 guests)

-Choice of backdrop (see PB page)

-Props (we'll even take requests & purchase at no cost!)

-OPTIONAL:  Memory Book add-on!



Compare to others:  Photobooths are all the buzz right now!  And why shouldn't they be?  They're awesome!  Because of this, tons of people are building them, and therefore the quality and experience can vary greatly.  This is why we bought all the best equipment out there!  We use an 18mpxl DSLR Canon Rebel camera and a DNP RX1 printer.  We want you to know the great quality you'll get when booking our booth!


We want to keep the prices simple.  $595 is with printing and $695 adds the popular memory book to help remember the evening.  This is a nice faux-leather album placed on a near by table for your guests to post their doubles and sign a special message.  What an awesome way to remember the day!


Optional high resolution large prints for additional cost is available.  Client may choose out of any pictures taken during event.  Prices may vary for this feature depending on desired prints.

Meghan Alex

UP-LIGHTING :  $200 ($100 each additional wall)

Need ambiance?  Don't like the venue's overhead lighting set up?  A bit drab you say?  Say no more!  You need up-lighting!  Simply put, they are LED lights placed on the floor that shoot up the wall (see the picture?).  We can do them in any color, or several colors.  4 per wall.  Each additional wall only $100!  These are an awesome add-on and come with some of the packages. Make sure you check those out!

By the way, if you didn't know, LED means it won't burn the children!  We have kids too.  We get it.  They do things.

Karaoke party

KARAOKE :  $300

(this is an ad-on service, sole karaoke events priced differently)

Well, it's just like it sounds.  Usually people book Karaoke as an after party addition, but we can do an entire event dedicated to Karaoke.  This pricing is for the add on to DJ services.



-1 Flat screen for audience viewing

-1 Flat screen for singer(s)

-2 mic's for duets and group sing-alongs (extra mic's available)

-Large database of songs with on spot download capability.  If it's out there, we'll get it!


Karaoke is also available for karaoke events for negotiable rates.  Ask us about weekday prices.

Gobo or Monogram light


This is a really elegant feature many clients enjoy.  You can choose a short message or just your initials.  We can project this on the floor from above or on the wall... such as behind the DJ or Wedding Party table. (May be subject to room design and hanging capabilities)

Thompson Wedding: Processional

A La Cart (details on other services page)

Want to build your own package?  We got you!  Here's a break down of pricing to help you understand what you're getting...

-$1495: 6 hours of DJ & Hosting services

-$200: Ceremony with 2 extra speakers!

-$100: 2nd location (driving) for Ceremony

-$200: Special live instrument mic's

-$300: Karaoke add-on

-$300: Monogram light

-$200: First wall of up-lighting (4)

-$100: Each additional wall of up-lighting (4)

-$100: Per extra hour added

-$595: Photobooth with printing (no book)

-$100: Memory Book

-$200: Antique door backdrop

-Gas fees may apply over 30min drive

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