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The Social Worker & An Officer: a True Love Story.

OR: spotify:user:djbangarang:playlist:0sjYFdJ6gAl1RRdgqXs4g9

It's so difficult to know where to start with this couple. They are 2 of the sweetest people I've ever met...and quite in love. Not only were they full of praise and kindness, but they also challenged me to push myself as a DJ. How I hadn't thought of the Scavenger Hunt Musical Chairs game before is a shame. Because after this wedding, I've now started offering it to everyone. It's just too fun and really plays to my natural Hosting ability. #Thankful They also had a Cigar Bar, Kids section, and Doggy Treat table. They truly thought of everyone. You can discover more of how cool they are by following the Spotify link above.

Last, but not least, the vendors. The Milestone Barn and staff were fantastic. And the Photographers, Bethany Kimmel and her super cool husband, were so kind and talented as well. Find her at and tell her I sent ya if you do. Thank you Carissa & Walter for an amazing experience! And thank you Bethany for the beautiful photos.

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