They came, they ran, they conquered...they’re Shatterproof!

Click here for Shatterproof 5k Run Mix.   OR  spotify:user:djbangarang:playlist:0sCSrSoL4vLCUsEqEyGfb8 Some of you may recognize that old Speedstick Deodorant ad ("strong enough for a man, but PH balanced for a woman"). I am of course referencing a 5k run I just did for Shatterproof, an organization fighting addiction. I was honored to offer my services, making a family friendly playlist and MCing, for such a noble cause. Let me just mention how much I enjoyed meeting and working with the staff. Just a few I got to meet were Maggie, Kat, Lindsey, Jake, and the 2 guys working sound. I even got to meet Senator Claire McCaskill and Steven Albritton. Nice people, all affected by addiction in som

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