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By Simply Serendipity


What's included...

Day of Coordinator :  $1995

- 2 face to face meetings

- Unlimited call and email consultations

- Venue walk through

- Create and implement full wedding day time line

- Coordinate final time line and arrival of all vendors

- Coordinate all set up and tear down items

- Assisting in final room layouts

- Facilitate Ceremony

- Full day unlimited time

Rehearsal Add-on (Separate Day) :  $495

-Extra pre-wedding sit down

-Ceremony run through

-Includes DJ sound for Ceremony Rehearsal

-Includes DJ Dinner/Mingle mix

Partial-Planner Add-on:  $995

-Finding up to 3 options for other major venders

-Includes additional scheduling as needed

(Discounts Available when adding DJ Services)


Why I DJ and Coordinate...

Welcome to the Coordinating page!  Sitting down with each client and planning a schedule surrounding music and announcements is just the beginning.  Planning and executing this most important day brings me great joy and I love getting to do more. Let me explain.  

Let's say you hired an Event Planner.  Awesome!  They are likely masters of their universe.  And that is largely knowing qualified vendors in the area.  They recommend a florist, a caterer, hair dressers, dresses and suits, venue's, organize tastings (Yum!), and maybe even a couple DJ's they like.  Great!  We also offer Planning if you'd like us to handle the whole kit-and-kaboodle. 


Most often, couples need a Day-of-Coordinator.  These people basically step in once you make all your vendor choices. Although, as mentioned, we can help with that too.  They contact the vendors 30-60 days out, make sure they will arrive on time, ensure all schedules are aligned to avoid confusion, and that each know the timing of their duties.  They are meant to design a schedule from the early morning to the Reception.  They may even attempt to organize the Reception.  This is where my DJ experience comes in extra handy.  The problem is, most Coordinators don't understand how things are meant to flow once the Grand Entrance take place.  And after 6 years, I have encountered many who cause more friction than peace because of this.  Here's why...

I sit down with my clients and discuss all the music they love.  The DJ should understand your desired mood.  That gives me a feel for who you are.  But then I find out a lot of other important details, such as the type of cake you want, when you want it cut, and even who is going to cut it.  I find out who you want to give a toast, where in the room, and what time during dinner.  I discover if you want special dances beyond the main 3 (First Dance, Father/ Daughter, and Mother/Son).  I discover if you need any sensitive things avoided, like divorced or passed close ones.  I make sure you have the bouquet for the toss and the champagne for toasts. 

Actually, all those things should be the job of the coordinator.  Yet, I often find they are forgotten... causing confusion and stress on the client. 


This is why we created Simply Serendipity Coordinating.  And ever since it started, it has been wonderful!  Just read our reviews on The Knot and you'll see all the extra things we noticed and stepped up for throughout the day time and time again. Would you let us take on your "Day-Of" responsibilities and help relieve the stress of the big day?  We want you to kick back, get your hair done, pop some bubbly with your girls (you too guys), and make sure everyone is in position. 

Let us buy you a cup o' joe and show you how we see the whole picture and every little detail.  Let me convince you you're in good hands with Simply Serendipity.


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